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GNU/Linux on Fujitsu-Siemens C6175

Updated 18 december 2001

This page describes how to configure GNU/Linux on a Fujitsu-Siemens C-6175 laptop. As I am using Debian GNU/Linux, thing may differ in configuring if you're using a different distribution.

First of all: I take NO responsibility if it goes wrong with you, your cat or your neighbours' daugther or even your computer! Everything described here works fine with me, but might not with you. Do not shut down your common sense and follow the commands right away. Try to understand what they do. I might have dropped in 'rm -rf /' somewhere ;-).
So, if you're still here and haven't been scared off by the disclaimer, I suppose we start right off...

X Windowing System

By default, there is no hardware acceleration with X for the ATI Rage Mobility M/P with which the laptops are equipped. However, you can download the free (as in speech) ati-driver at gatos. This driver supplies you with Xv-acceleration, needed for hardware 2D scaling.


The C6175 is equipped with a Crystal Sound CS4281 sound chipset. Just compile it in the kernel or make it a module.

LED/Application Buttons

If you'd like to play around with the buttons, a Stack-member, Willem van Engen has written a driver for it. It makes use of the i2c-piiv-driver which is in the lm_sensors-package. The site is

Debian specific

As I use Debian and am trying to contribute a bit by giving precompiled kerneldeb's for the Fujitsu Lifebook C6175. All you have to do is adding the following line to you /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb lotn main

Update, select the kernel-image-<linuxversion>-c6175 package and install it. The kernel provides you with all USB support, SCSI-disk for USB Mass Storage, various wireless PC-cards and more. With newer kernel versions a patch for lm_sensors and the LED/buttons on the Fujitsu notebooks will be applied.


Kernel config for Linux 2.4.16
XF86Config for XFree 4.1

- Christian Luijten